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               Aid to those in need knows no boundaries, especially when it comes to responding to disaster.  Already in the 1840s the early Vincentians in Paris were sending supplies, money and food to the famished of Ireland.  Vincentians participate in helping at local, state, federal and where feasible, international levels.  On the national level, and here on the local level in Madison, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul works with the Red Cross providing appropriate disaster assistance.  Our Society is not often thought of in terms of disaster because we are usually not the first agency to respond, however, we are more likely than not to be the last agency still working with victims after the crisis phase has passed.

Disaster activities are coordinated on a National level by the National President and the National Disaster Committee.  Each Diocese and District Council has a disaster chairperson responsible for coordinating local activities.  Vincentians are also called upon frequently to participate financially to support the relief efforts which are usually undertaken by the volunteers in the region of the disaster.  If you are interested in being involved call us at 278-2920 and we will put you in touch with our local disaster chairperson.

Recent Disasters Requiring Aid:

S.V.d.P. Response to September 11th 

St Vincent de Paul has committed a million dollars to assist local Vincent de Paul Council assist the family and victims of the Sept. 11th attack.  National President Gene Smith wrote an appeal to all members and supporters to aid the Society in responding.  St. Vincent de Paul is responding with direct assistance through the agencies and volunteers they have in place in  New York and Washington DC.  To contribute please contact your local St. Vincent de Paul Society.  



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